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How to Forecast Call Volume In a Small Call Center Like A Pro….Without Spending a Dime On Software

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I’m working with a small call center in a large city-county library system. One of my main focuses for this library system is to improve the overall efficiency of the call center and to drastically improve the customer experience that is delivered through the call center. One of my recommendations for improvement in this contact center is for my client to begin using a tool to help the library forecast call volume and to use this projection data to better schedule for coverage.

IVR: Pet Peeve or Dealbreaker?

by Dan Fox I’ve often heard it said that every customer relationship should be considered a marriage between the company and the consumer. I can’t agree more. There are as many different types of marriages […]

Call Center Technology & Software

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the critical and cutting-edge technology call centers, small and large, must have.  Call Center Technology & Software Telephone network Data network/Internet Automatic call distribution (ACD) IVR – Interactive […]