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Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?

Two years ago I walked into my client’s office for the first time for an exploratory meeting. The aroma of deli sandwiches and fresh salads was in the air. I spotted a buffet table surrounded […]

What’s the nicest way to give constructive feedback?

What’s the nicest way to give constructive feedback? I just received a review from my boss that included a comment that I am too harsh when I correct employee performance. I want to come across […]

Call Center Scheduling

Q. I am in search of the most efficient staffing levels for every 30-minute block of time throughout the workday in my call center I’d like the flexibility to enter in the start and end […]

Call Center Technology & Software

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the critical and cutting-edge technology call centers, small and large, must have.  Call Center Technology & Software Telephone network Data network/Internet Automatic call distribution (ACD) IVR – Interactive […]

Motivating Agents and Increasing Call Center Productivity

Using Incentives in the Contact Center: 5 Tips for Success Employee incentives run the gamut from ball point pens to retirement funds. They include bonuses, benefits, perks, and anything else aimed at motivating agents to […]

The Top 10 Things That Matter to Contact Center Representatives

 What matters most to call center agents?   According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the top 10 things that matter are: 1.    Good wages 2.    Job security 3.    Promotion and growth in the company 4.    […]

How can I get Generation X and Generation Y employees to work on time?!!

Q. Is it me or do “under 30” employees have serious issues with getting to work on time? In a call center environment we don’t have room for flexible scheduling, yet our Generation X employees […]

What should we look at when it comes to monitoring emails?

Myra’s answer to What should we look at when it comes to monitoring emails? Typical standards to monitor in email correspondence include: Email introduction Query/Problem introduction Resolution Proper closing time Response time Spelling, grammar, punctuation […]

Call Center Disaster Recovery: Outage Issue

Call Center Disaster Recovery: Q. Any advice on how a call center can proactively prepare to handle an outage issue? A. Call centers of ALL sizes must have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. […]