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Control calls with signposting! Happy New Year, friends! I’m coming to you live from my recording studio (where I’m recording courses for multiple clients) with one of my best tips for controlling calls with venting, friendly, or upset […]

How to Control Calls

Customer service calls can sometimes get out of control. Upset and overtalkative callers take time and energy away from other customers and tasks. This is where practical call-control strategies come into play. In this course, […]

De-escalation Training for Customer Service Professionals

Nearly every customer service professional has encountered a livid customer. These individuals may yell, curse, or forcefully disagree with a policy you must enforce but can’t control. Such situations are unquestionably challenging, but—with the right […]

Welcome to My LinkedIn Learning classroom!

Have you ever visited my LinkedIn Learning classroom? In this supportive, interactive digital classroom, I teach my students call control, de-escalation, rapport building, empathy, and more. If you already have a LinkedIn Learning subscription, you […]

My Call Control Tactics Are Too Good Not to Share!

Some things are just too good to be kept to yourself. That’s how I feel about my new webinar, 9 Tips to Politely Control Difficult Customer Calls. Between my “ask three closed-ended question tactic” and the “Topic Grab” […]

9 Highly-Effective Tips to Politely Control Difficult Customer Calls – with Myra Golden

Customer service calls can sometimes get out of control, especially in difficult situations when customers don’t immediately get their way. Unchecked, these upset and overly talkative customers can dominate the conversation, prolong the call, and […]

How to Celebrate Customer Service Week 2022 (3 Steps)

Download agenda, themes, certificates and more here! Are you still trying to figure out how to celebrate Customer Service Week? After the year and a half your team has pulled your company through, don’t let […]

National Customer Service Week 2022!

When was the last time you celebrated something? Whether it was recently or too long ago, prepare yourself because this is for you: National Customer Service Week! I know customer service pros are the bee’s […]

Don’s Sleep on What Gen Z Wants From Work

True story a client shared with me. “One of our employees quit because they couldn’t believe the audacity of us to say ‘no,’ they couldn’t let us know on Thursday that they needed Friday and Monday […]

How to *Actually* Curtail Agent Attrition

3…2…1…ready or not, here I come with a fantastic new webinar, “How to *Actually* Curtain Agent Attrition.” Gen Z is quitting jobs they say are toxic, and they’re leaving in droves. One of the top reasons your […]