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The Beyond WOW Customer Experience

The explosive ideas in this book will help you go beyond the WOW experience to build, repair, and grow customer relationships.  by Myra Golden and Dr. Jeffrey Magee “From the first page I was taken […]

Your Job Isn’t to Keep the Store. Your Job is to Keep Customers.

S&H Green Stamps, Muskogee, Oklahoma, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr. Yesterday I was in Muskogee, Oklahoma for a football game that my daughter was cheering for. She had to be at the game […]

Cheesecake Factory Forgot My Key Lime Cheesecake…But then they made me smile!

Cheesecake Factory Customer Experience, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr. On Saturday afternoon my daughter and I swung by the Cheesecake Factory for a to-go dinner in between a spa appointment and my son’s […]

How Target Got Loyalty Rewards Right

From airlines to coffee shops to retail stores, everybody has some sort of loyalty rewards program. Some loyalty rewards programs are effective, but many are not. Next week I’m speaking about loyalty programs at a […]

My Keynote at the 2012 Contact Center Association Conference

For Zappos it’s all about delivering WOW. This presentation delivers powerful insights into the unique ways Zappos approaches screening and hiring, quality monitoring, social customer service, and making emotional connections with customers – all with […]

If you’re not into customers, why are you even working here?

I just wrapped up a meeting with a brilliant CEO. I’m on retainer to manage the client experience at his company and today we were reviewing gaps in service. My client is big on “feeling.” […]

Customer WinBack

How to recover revenue by recapturing lost customers Profitability and growth are dependent on a firm’s ability to successfully acquire and retain customers. And if a high net-worth customer defects, the firm needs a proven […]

The Top 3 Things Most Companies Miss When It Comes to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

Many organizations talk about creating a customer-focused culture, but few companies actually set up and sustain an authentic customer-focused culture. Culture is about more than new customer service training, employee empowerment, buttons and mugs, and […]