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Are Your Employees Blocking Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

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Are Your Employees Blocking Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

“In about a week you’ll get a survey from us. It’s pass or fail. If you don’t give us all perfect marks, I’ll be penalized. So, if you don’t like your experience today, please don’t fill out the survey.”

Actual words from an employee seconds after completing a sale with me.

If you’re not getting back as many customer satisfaction surveys as research says you should be getting, you need to check to make sure your employees aren’t blocking feedback.

AT&T’s Text Customer Satisfaction Survey Impressed Me

So, I was sitting on my patio surfing the Internet on my iPad and I came across this news story: AT&T doubles data on high-end plans, starting at 15GB tier The doubled data is part […]

Netflix, Gap lag in customer satisfaction online

(Reuters) – Netflix Inc and Gap Inc were among the worst performers in customer satisfaction among the largest online retailers this holiday season, according to a survey released on Wednesday. The online customer experience MATTERS. […]