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How to Rock Your Customer Service Job!

I have a treat for you today! A free module from my customer service online training. I’m so excited to be sharing this with you! I began thinking about and conceptualizing this training during a drive […]

Train Remote Agents With These Free short Videos

Mini-Workshop – The 3R De-escalation Method Control Calls with “Friendly” Customers 4 Things Customer Service Agents Can Do to Convey Empathy to Customers This is How to Move Calls to Closure How to Acknowledge Customer Concern- […]

Rachael Ray Tries to Stump a Zappos Rep

Word on the street is there is no stumping a Zappos Customer Service Representative. Rachael Ray decided to test that out. Rachael Ray is the infamous long-winded caller nobody likes to get. Watch how the […]

The Issue is Not the “Issue.” It’s how the issue is “handled.”

Here’s a “throw-back” customer service training video from our early years. But the point remains relevant today. Most times, the problem the customer experienced isn’t the issue at all. The company’s response to the presented […]