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What would you want if you were the customer?

What would you want if you were the customer?, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr. My husband made an online purchase last week and after several days, he had heard nothing from the company […]

2012 Customer Service Webinar Schedule Just Announced

Immediately improve your customer experience and build brand value with Myra’s high-impact webinar series All webinars are recorded and you can purchase the digital recording of past webinars. Access to webinar recordings never expires and […]

Webinars are an Affordable Option for Working with Me

I help companies deliver a great Customer Experience. I help them do that through my consulting and professional speaking. I travel throughout North America to speak at conferences and conventions, like the Contact Center Association, […]

What a Myra Golden Training is Like

I am best known for my classroom customer service training – and it is amazing! If you poke your head into one of my training sessions, you know this training is different. Participant involvement is […]

Resources for My Progressive Business Seminar Attendees

Today I’m speaking at a Progressive Business Conference on how to build rapport over the telephone. As a special bonus for my attendees, I am providing resources to help create an amazing customer experience. Enjoy. […]

Identify Customer’s Needs by Asking “What does a man in the desert need?”

What does a man in the desert need most?   In my onsite classroom customer service training sessions, I ask my participants to imagine they’ve come across a man stranded in the desert. “What do […]

The Issue is Not the “Issue.” It’s how the issue is “handled.”

Here’s a “throw-back” customer service training video from our early years. But the point remains relevant today. Most times, the problem the customer experienced isn’t the issue at all. The company’s response to the presented […]

“How to Handle Difficult Customers” Training Kit for corporate trainers

How to Handle Difficult Customers In-House Training Kit Everything You Need for a Total Complaint Handling Training Experience  Get your training materials now and equip your employees to deal with difficult customers with diplomacy and […]