How an Otter Used a Monkey to WOW Me. (OtterBox uses Survey Monkey to Get Customer Feedback)

My cool OtterBox case for my iPhone 4s

Last week I contacted OtterBox for a problem with my fantastic Defender iPhone 4s Case. I was so Wowed by the Otter (customer service representative) I spoke with that I tweeted about it. My issue was quickly resolved and the replacement case is on the way to me. The email confirmation of shipment of my case included a link for a very good customer satisfaction survey through Survey Monkey. Two things about this survey impressed me and I want to tell you about my impression.

First off, I’m impressed with any company that seeks customer feedback. Feedback truly is the breakfast of champions. Customer satisfaction surveys help companies determine what they’re doing well and what they need to be doing differently. The second thing that impressed me about the OtterBox survey is the strategic purpose for gathering this feedback. OtterBox is clearly right now trying to determine how to make their website more user-friendly so they can deflect agent calls through a comprehensive web self-service portal.

My survey asked such questions as Did you visit our website to obtain information or assistance prior to contacting Customer Service? and What type of information was missing from the OtterBox website that required you to contact customer service? Responses from questions like these will help OtterBox create a web self-service experience that meets the needs of their customers. Just for fun, here is the survey I took for OtterBox.

The bottom line: Make sure you capture customer feedback at every opportunity. Don’t just use a generic survey that gives you nothing. Identify your service gaps or gaps in contact center service metrics and go out and solicit feedback from your customers what will help you close the gaps.

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers

To examine the links between customer service and loyalty, the Customer Contact Council conducted a study of more than 75,000 people who had interacted over the phone with contact-center representatives or through self-service channels. Two critical findings emerged that should affect every company’s customer service strategy. Read article.

Bad Customer Service Makes People Cry, Shout and Experience Headaches


Bad customer service has pissed me off, inspired me to post tweets and even made me cuss.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who gets irritated with bad customer service.

Research by RightNow Technologies found that after suffering a negative experience with a company or organization:

• 80% of US adults decided to never go back to that company;

• 74% registered a complaint or told others;

• 47% swore and/or shouted;

• 29% have had a headache, felt their chest tighten and/or cried;

• 13% posted a negative online review or blog entry.

In addition, after a negative customer experience, 34% have fantasized about emailing friends, family or colleagues asking them to boycott the company or organization. 12% have dreamed of picketing and/reward them.

Don’t let your customer service be so bad it makes people cry, cuss, tweet or shout. Show your employees how to talk to customers and how to handle angry customers.

5 Fast Facts about Customer Loyalty

  • 95% of complaining customers will remain loyal if their problems are resolved immediately and to their satisfaction. TARP, Inc. (For help developing a customer recovery strategy designed to restore customer confidence after service failures, visit us here.)
  • On average, companies have a 20-40% chance of selling to lost customers, and only a 5 – 20% probability of selling to new prospects. Marketing Metrics.
  • It costs 4 – 10 times more to win a customer than it does to keep a customer.
  • Long-term customers tend to spend more with a company than new customers (and they are easier to serve than new customers). Bain & Co.


  • Unhappy customers will tell approximately 11 people about their experience with a company. TARP, Inc. (In the world of social media, the average disgruntled customer will reach 3000 customers!)


To learn how to retain more customers and earn devoted customer loyalty, please visit Myra Golden here.