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Special Video Training for Customer Service Representatives – How to talk to customers: Empathy and Tone

How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections On Demand Webinar Training This new video contains a step-by-step approach to speaking with customers with a friendly tone, empathy and concern. Your people will lean […]

Resources for My Progressive Business Seminar Attendees

Today I’m speaking at a Progressive Business Conference on how to build rapport over the telephone. As a special bonus for my attendees, I am providing resources to help create an amazing customer experience. Enjoy. […]

The Issue is Not the “Issue.” It’s how the issue is “handled.”

Here’s a “throw-back” customer service training video from our early years. But the point remains relevant today. Most times, the problem the customer experienced isn’t the issue at all. The company’s response to the presented […]

How do I quickly give my agents good phone and customer service skills training?

Q. My agents are good at what they do. They know our products and policy up and down, but I am concerned about the level of customer service we provide over the phone. Can you share some telephone customer service tips I can use to train in a short segment (like a staff meeting)?

Smiling receptionistMyra’s answer to How do I quickly give my agents good phone and customer service skills training? 

20 WOW Telephone Techniques: Tip #17

What to say to the yelling or cursing customer “I’m trying to help you, but if you continue to yell and swear, I am going to ask that you call back another time. It’s up […]

20 WOW Telephone Techniques: Tip #6

Don’t say anything to a customer that you wouldn’t say to your grandmother.   If we all followed this simple rule, we would always create warm experiences over the telephone. Most of us would never […]

20 WOW Telephone Techniques: Tip #14

How to WOW a Caller that You Cannot Hear Last week I called my natural gas company, ONG, from my cell phone.  Apparently the representative could not hear me at all. After saying “hello” a couple […]