“Wow” Works for Zappos, But It Won’t Work For You – Here’s Why


A corporate trainer in one of my client organizations is gung-ho on the Zappos culture and she is convinced that what her contact center needs is agents trained to make small talk with customers and empowerment so agents can consistently deliver wow experiences – “Just like Zappos does,” she says.

Now, I love what Zappos has done. I have delivered many a keynote and webinar on the Zappos culture. Zappos is the best at the customer experience, bar none. So understand me when I say this: I respect Zappos. But the Zappos culture will not work for anybody but Zappos.

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Special Video Training for Customer Service Representatives – How to talk to customers: Empathy and Tone

How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections On Demand Webinar Training

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How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional 


The biggest problem with the customer experience in most companies is how employees talk to customers. All too often, employees come across as indifferent, cold, uncaring, rushed or rude. This employee “attitude problem” can be the tipping point that sends customers to the competition. This attitude problem is what drives customers to tweet and blog about a poor customer experience. The great news is, with the right training, monitoring and coaching, employees can learn how to soften tones, truly convey empathy, make customers feel taken care of and even make memorable personal emotional connections with customers.

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Rachael Ray Tries to Stump a Zappos Rep

Word on the street is there is no stumping a Zappos Customer Service Representative. Rachael Ray decided to test that out. Rachael Ray is the infamous long-winded caller nobody likes to get. Watch how the Zappos  Representative handles this “challenging” customer.

Would you have handled Rachael with such poise, openness and professionalism? If not, I need to work with you (and maybe your entire team) for some exciting customer service training. You can check out my customer service training solutions right here.

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Myra Golden’s Videos and Slides from Zappos Presentation at Contact Center Expo

I had a ball at the Contact Center Expo where I presented “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” to a packed house. I met amazing professionals who are serious about delivering the very best customer experience in their organizations.

I crafted and presented my session with these goals: To inspire organizations to make customer service their number one priority (not just talk about it, but be about it) and to create the very best customer experience by positioning people, policies and processes to give customers the level of service they expect and deserve…and to even surpass customer expectations.

The best example of an outstanding customer experience that I’m aware of is Zappos. In my presentation, I took my audience inside the Zappos Contact Center to meet some of the amazing people behind the Zappos Customer Experience. We looked at the Zappos’ core values, fun culture, and the company’s commitment to WOWing customers at every touch point.

You can experience the Zappos presentation by taking a look at my slides from the event.

I’ve had numerous requests to post the videos from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” presentation at the Contact Center Expo. I’m happy to do that. Below are the videos I featured.

Holiday Helpers

This video shows the fierce commitment to giving customers the very best experience and the spirit of cooperation of employees that makes the amazing customer experience possible.




What WOW Means to Zappos Employees

I stressed to my audience that WOW couldn’t be just a buzz word or flavor of the month, it had to be a real and consistent commitment. This video shows what WOW means to Zappos employees.



Core Value of the Month Award

Zappos takes very good care of its employees. This award “ceremony” is the perfect example of that.



For help with creating the very best customer experience within your organization, check out my customer service keynote speaking and consulting offerings at http://www.MyraGolden.com.

Inside the Zappos Contact Center

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I will be speaking at the Contact Center Expo in Nashville. I’m very excited about my presentation because I will be giving an in-depth profile of a company that I personally love; a company literally famous for customer service: Zappos. I have studied the Zappos service culture and contact center for more than two years and I’ve isolated the 5 keys that have made Zappos one of the most envied service companies in the world.   

  • Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW


  • Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority


  • Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers


  • Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well


  • Key 5: Surprise and Delight    


For the reference of my attendees and for sharing with my readers, I am posting the slides from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” Learn. Enjoy. Share.

Zappos Only Hires People Who Are Passionate About Customer Service

Zappos is about the very best customer service and that starts with hiring the very best people. Watch this interview as Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh talks about the Zappos Customer Service Culture.