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This Will Be the Year of (Really) Building Rapport with Customers

For all of my onsite customer service workshops and keynotes, I arrive at least 45 minutes before we start so I can meet and talk to the people who’ll be spending several hours with me. […]

Simple Guidance for Building Rapport with Customers When You Have to Give Them Bad News


When you can’t tell your customer exactly what they want to hear, maintaining a sense of rapport can be challenging. But it’s possible to give your customer lousy news with empathy and a positive slant.

When you have to give a customer bad news, do it using the “Feel, Felt, Found Method.” This approach helps you to foster a sense of connection with customers, even when you can’t give them exactly what they want.

The basic model for Feel, Felt, Found is:


Relay that you understand how the customer feels. “I can understand why you feel that way.”


Show the customer they aren’t alone. “I had another customer who had a similar situation and felt the same way.”


Tell the customer what you’ve found to work. “We found that this worked best.”

Let me show you how this looks in action.