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Business Etiquette Essentials for Today’s Top Administrative Assistants (My exclusive keynote slide deck)

I’m enjoying a late afternoon latte and going over my slide deck for my presentation at the Progressive Business Conference for Administrative Professionals. I’m really excited about this presentation and this audience. With modern workplaces […]

Myra Golden Keynote slides from Atlanta Consumers’ Choice Awards

Last night I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the Atlanta Consumers’ Choice Awards event. I met some amazing people who are responsible for driving the customer experience for such companies as […]

Myra Golden’s Keynote for AIRS in Oklahoma City – October 10, 2013

Tomorrow morning I have the wonderful privilege of being this year’s AIRS Conference Keynote Speaker! My one goal with this keynote is to help AIRS organizations deliver an even better client experience through Connection, Empathy, […]

Myra Golden Keynote for OU Schusterman Library

This morning I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at the OU Schusterman Library Annual Retreat. I just love the spirit of the librarians I met today. They communicated with each other and with me […]

Myra Golden’s Slide Deck from the Progressive Business “WOW” Presentation

I sure enjoyed presenting today for my long-time client, Progressive Business! We took an inside look at Disney,, and Apple and we learned so much! As promised, here is my slide deck from today’s […]

Myra Golden’s Slide Deck and Videos from her Customer Experience Keynote in Atlanta

Last week I delivered my “Customer Journey” keynote to ORTEC in Atlanta. My keynote was extremely well received and after speaking, I enjoyed a sushi lunch with the company’s founder, CEO and VP of Product […]