Myra’s Slide Deck from the Astute Customer Conference “Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience” Keynote

In just a few hours I will deliver my “Crafting the Social Customer Service Experience” keynote at the Astute Customer Conference in Orlando, FL. I’m pumped about speaking at this conference because I have been a fan of Astute’s CRM solutions for more than a decade and so many of my clients use Astute’s solutions.

After my keynotes, I make a practice of sharing my Keynote slide deck right here on my blog for both my live audience and my blog readers. Follow this link to download my “Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience” slide deck. I hope this slide deck inspires you to craft an even better social customer service experience.

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Here’s the formal description of this keynote:

Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience

As one of the pioneers of social media for customer service, Myra expertly positions her clients to use social media as a platform for engaging customers, delivering impressively quick customer support, listening to customers and enhancing the customer experience. In this keynote, Myra will show your audience exactly how to maximize social media for customer service relevance. Myra will position your company to surprise and delight consumers who post gripes about your brand online, show you how to build buzz, and how to manage and protect your online reputation.

Myra Golden has spent 15 years benchmarking, interviewing and mystery shopping the best service companies in the world and in her keynotes she shares her insights to help her clients improve their own customer experiences. In her inspiring and riveting keynotes, Myra shares specific customer experience design details from the best service companies of our time: Apple,, Starbucks and Disney. Your audience will walk away with 4 powerful deliverables to help them create the best possible customer experience in their own companies. Explore Myra’s keynotes here.


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2 Free Google Tools to Help You Monitor Your Company’s Online Reputation

In the world of social media, your company must be diligent about monitoring and managing its online reputation. Certainly you can pay a firm to manage your online reputation, but you don’t have to. Here are 2 of my favorite tools for staying on top of online discussions about your brand and products. These tools are free and they help you both monitor and protect your online reputation.

Google Blog Search

So many of the damaging comments and conversations about brands and products start with a blog post. Protecting your online reputation requires being on top of the blogosphere. I really like Google Blog Search for staying on top of blog activity. It provides fresh, relevant search results from millions of feed-enabled blogs. Quickly and easily, you can search for blogs or blog posts by keywords. Users can narrow searches down to the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, or virtually any time frame.

Google Alerts

Of course, there’s more to social media than blogs. There’s Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, Yelp, Yahoo Comments and so much more. Monitoring the web in order to protect your reputation can get overwhelming. For help, try Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. You could type in your company name, product name, CEOs name, or anything you like. Google will then email you when something new pops up on the web based on your search terms. You can be emailed as it happens, once a day or once a week. I recently set up Google Alerts to help a client stay on top of online reactions during a massive product recall. You can use Google Alerts to monitor activity after a viral video hits or during a new product launch. The possibilities are endless.

Proactively monitor and manage your online reputation using free tools like Google Blog Search and Google Alerts. You’ll avoid major headaches later.

Need help monitoring your online reputation?

Ready to take  your  customer experience “social?”

***Upcoming webinar***

Social Customer Service: Best practices for listening, engaging and supporting customers in social media

April 12th, 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

Is your company monitoring complaints on Twitter, FaceBook, and blogs? If not, why not?

We know all the social networking communities you need to be listening to and participating in and we can show you exactly how to do it. We can position your company to surprise and delight consumers who post gripes about your brand online.

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A Little Snafu Can Land You on YouTube. Just ask FedEx.

I’ve said it at least a hundred times in my keynotes: A simple snafu can land you on YouTube. Companies and employees must be mindful of the fact that any and every action, every word, and every slip up can be captured on video and posted for the world to see. Take a look at this video showing a FedEx driver tossing a flat screen computer monitor over a customer’s fence. Surely he knew better than that.

The customer says he was home and all the FedEx guy had to do was ring the doorbell. Now the customer has to return the monitor because it’s cracked. This video has received more than 5 million views. Personally, I’m impressed with the customer’s high definition video camera.

Remember friends, a simple snafu can land you on YouTube and then you’ll have to spend months in damage control. Treat customers like you would want to be treated. That’s all you have to do.

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How to Use YouTube for Customer Support

One of the cool things about my work is that my clients are often giving me cool stuff. I’ve gotten gift cards, shopping sprees, T-shirts, chef-quality knives, toys for my kids and loads of food.

By far, one of the best gifts I ever received from a client was a steam carpet cleaner from Bissell. I use my steam cleaner regularly to keep my home in tip-top shape. Sometime after receiving my Bissell steam cleaner, I had to change the belt. I didn’t want to call the Customer Care line for fear of looking like an idiot in front of my client. I know they wouldn’t have made me feel silly, but I wanted to maintain a sense of creditability with them. LOL! My husband was at work, and I needed to clean the carpet before a dinner party. So I was on my own.

I went to Bissell’s website in search of instructions for replacing a belt. Much to my surprise, Bissell had a “how-to” video for replacing a brush belt right there on the website. The short video was clear and easy to follow, and within a couple of minutes, I had replaced my belt! Ecstatic, I called my client to compliment them on such a high form of customer support. That was 7 years ago. An online how-to video was very unique back then.

From that point on, I’ve been encouraging my clients to use online video, specifically YouTube, as a customer support channel for customers. All day, every day, customers are going online to forums, company websites, Twitter, and YouTube for help. Why not meet them where they are and pleasantly surprise them with support?

One of the best examples of YouTube Customer Support I’ve seen is the Lowe’s YouTube Channel. Lowe’s has over 400 how-to videos on everything from how to install lighting under your kitchen cabinets to how to install a hardwood floor. Consumers can get instruction and inspiration from Lowe’s YouTube channel. Without question, the channel is both building and strengthening customer loyalty.

Here are 3 of my favorite YouTube Channels for Customer Support:

The Bottom Line: Include online video customer support via YouTube. You’ll offer a more convenient support to your customers, surprise and delight customers and save money in the process.

How do you engage consumers in social media? 3 words: “Can I Help?”

Learn how to engage consumers in social media for customer care. Former Director of Digital Care for Comcast, Frank Eliason, discusses Comcast’s social customer service strategy.

Imagine an angry consumer blasts your brand on Twitter, YouTube and on blogs, and she has so much influence that the Tweets become a trending topic and the YouTube video goes viral.

Are you 100% confident you can handle it?

If not, I have the perfect program for you…a live web  event  (October 5th) “Social Customer Service” designed to position companies to use social media for customer service engagement. Simply click this link to see what it’s all about.  

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