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4 Things I Learned From Taking My Daughter to Work With Me at LinkedIn Learning


For three years, my 19-year-old College Daughter has worked for my company as a Studio Tech. Lauren’s the genius behind our studio setup, teleprompter, camera, and audio. She also assembles workbooks and advises me on all things Millennial and Gen Y.

Both of my kids get to travel with me for speaking engagements a few times a year – last year Lauren joined me in New York twice. My son experienced Las Vegas with me last summer, and both kids joined me for a conference in the Dallas area a few months ago.

Last week the kids and my husband joined me in Carpinteria, California, for filming, and my daughter spent a day on set with me. When we walked into the studio, my client, LinkedIn Learning, had a sunny welcome for Lauren on the whiteboard. That little detail made us both smile.


While I was in makeup, my Producer, Jake, took Lauren to breakfast.


On the set, Jake (on the right) got Lauren involved by having her introduce takes by snapping the clapper.


The whole day was fun, and I walked away with four takeaways.