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5 New Thoughts About Work-Life Balance That Will Turn Your World Right Side Up


It’s rare that I don’t write to you about customer service issues. But I want to talk about balance, not just because it’s so important to me, but because I know achieving peace and balance will help you be a better manager, leader, or customer service professional.

Over the years I’ve found five practices that have helped me find peace and balance between my business and my personal life.

1. Stop compulsively checking emails. Trust me; it can wait.

I’ve just started a practice of pausing my inbox every weekday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am. I noticed that most of the time I grabbed my iPhone, it was to habitually check email for matters that were neither urgent nor important. Being untethered at night is liberating.

2. Don’t email staff after business hours.

If I follow my first practice, it’s easy not to email colleagues after hours. Here’s why I urge you to hold off on evening emails. When you email an employee at say, 7:30 pm, the late hour implies a sense of urgency and your employee may feel she has to respond to you right away. Taking the time to read and reply to your email is taking time away from whatever she’s doing (drinking wine, enjoying time with bae, watching Netflix)

Help your employees and colleagues enjoy peace after work by not interrupting their evenings, unless the matter is crucial.

3. Make business travel pleasurable.

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