You’re Not Selling Stuff. You’re Building Relationships.

Tonight I’m sitting at my desk preparing for a keynote I’ll deliver in Las Vegas next month on WOW Customer Service. In my presentation I’m going to feature a short video of the amazing Christopher Zane. I’m excited about this part of my keynote and I have to share it with you! Chances are you haven’t heard of Christopher Zane.  To a customer service researcher and consultant like me, Zane is a rock star. Let me tell you about him.

Christopher Zane started Zane’s Cycles when he was just 16. That’s a WOW right there. But it gets better. Today, Zane’s Cycles is one of the biggest bike retailers in the United States. Zane’s sells bikes ranging from $129 to more than $2,200. But Christopher insists that he’s not selling bikes, he’s selling service.

Zane built his ridiculously successful business by building relationships with customers, fiercely focusing on WOWing customers at every touch point and empowering employees to do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. Zane’s is THE benchmark for creating a customer service culture and achieving growth based solely on the customer experience.

Here’s a short interview with Zane where he discusses his focus on the customer, not his bikes.

I think my client is going to love hearing about Zane’s focus on the customer and I’m gong to show them how to create a similar customer service culture. If you’d like to talk to me about delivering an engaging, measurably effective customer service keynote at your conference or convention, please visit my Contact Page and my Online Assistant, Jamal will answer your questions and discuss the particulars of booking me for an awesome keynote.

Did You Miss My Zappos Webinar? Get Your Zappos Culture Book?

Two weeks ago I hosted one of my most well attended webinars ever…”Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” In this exciting and inspiring webinar, I took my clients inside Zappos to give them ideas and strategies for creating a service culture within their organizations. I had a ball sharing my insights on the Zappos experience based on my position as a loyal Zappos customer and a customer experience researcher.

Feedback after the event was stunning and feedback like that always makes my day.  During the webinar I talked about the Zappos Family Culture Book and right during the webinar several people ordered the FREE book. You might even want to grab your copy of the Zappos Culture Book too. Details for getting your free culture book are at the bottom of this post.

Thank you so much Myra. I know we were not the only ones but the response from my staff drives me to say thank you for what felt like a Webinar just for us. It reawakened my supervisors / managers who attended and spurred commitment that rang true. We watched some Zappos videos on You Tube after your presentations.

Rawle A. Dundas
Director of Customer Services
Unicomer (Guyana) Inc. 

For those of you concerned with delivering the very best customer experience within your organization, I am happy to offer a recording of my web event, “Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” In this 60-minute webinar I share 5 Keys to Creating a Magnificent Customer Experience…

  • Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW
  • Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority
  • Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers
  • Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well
  • Key 5: Surprise and Delight

Read the full outline of this recorded web event and get your video recording of Inside the Zappos Contact Center today. Also, grab your Zappos Culture Book.

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How My Employee WOWed a Customer

Back when I was overseeing consumer affairs for Thrifty Rent-A-Car System we received a complaint from a very unhappy customer. In a hurry to catch a flight after a full week at Disneyland, the customer accidently left her son’s 3-foot Mickey Mouse plush toy in the rental car. When the customer contacted the Thrifty location the next day, Mickey Mouse was nowhere to be found.


Frustrated, the customer called our corporate Customer Care toll-free line. Jim took the call and instead of explaining (policy) that the company wasn’t responsible for items left in vehicles, he got creative. He told the customer he’d do everything he could to locate Mr. Mouse. Sadly, however, Mickey Mouse was missing in action.

What did Jim do? He asked me if I’d authorize the purchase of a Mickey Mouse plush toy for the customer. I was ecstatic at this out-of-the-box idea and immediately gave my blessings.  Jim left work that day and went to the Disney Store and bought a 3-foot Mickey Mouse and had the store Fed-Ex it to our customer. Talk about creative and memorable! Do you think the customer wanted to come back to Thrifty? Do you think she told everyone she knew about the service recovery? You bet she did. Jim’s creativity resulted in a customer for life and priceless word-of-mouth advertising… and cost us less than 50 bucks. 

The point: Every once in awhile go for the WOW. Think out of the box and find a way to surprise and delight your customers. You’ll generate priceless word-of-mouth advertising, create customers for life and your employees will have a ball.

For dozens of ideas on WOWing customers, take a look at my Delivering Service Through WOW eLearning course.

Myra Golden’s Videos and Slides from Zappos Presentation at Contact Center Expo

I had a ball at the Contact Center Expo where I presented “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” to a packed house. I met amazing professionals who are serious about delivering the very best customer experience in their organizations.

I crafted and presented my session with these goals: To inspire organizations to make customer service their number one priority (not just talk about it, but be about it) and to create the very best customer experience by positioning people, policies and processes to give customers the level of service they expect and deserve…and to even surpass customer expectations.

The best example of an outstanding customer experience that I’m aware of is Zappos. In my presentation, I took my audience inside the Zappos Contact Center to meet some of the amazing people behind the Zappos Customer Experience. We looked at the Zappos’ core values, fun culture, and the company’s commitment to WOWing customers at every touch point.

You can experience the Zappos presentation by taking a look at my slides from the event.

I’ve had numerous requests to post the videos from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” presentation at the Contact Center Expo. I’m happy to do that. Below are the videos I featured.

Holiday Helpers

This video shows the fierce commitment to giving customers the very best experience and the spirit of cooperation of employees that makes the amazing customer experience possible.




What WOW Means to Zappos Employees

I stressed to my audience that WOW couldn’t be just a buzz word or flavor of the month, it had to be a real and consistent commitment. This video shows what WOW means to Zappos employees.



Core Value of the Month Award

Zappos takes very good care of its employees. This award “ceremony” is the perfect example of that.



For help with creating the very best customer experience within your organization, check out my customer service keynote speaking and consulting offerings at

Inside the Zappos Contact Center

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I will be speaking at the Contact Center Expo in Nashville. I’m very excited about my presentation because I will be giving an in-depth profile of a company that I personally love; a company literally famous for customer service: Zappos. I have studied the Zappos service culture and contact center for more than two years and I’ve isolated the 5 keys that have made Zappos one of the most envied service companies in the world.   

  • Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW


  • Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority


  • Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers


  • Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well


  • Key 5: Surprise and Delight    


For the reference of my attendees and for sharing with my readers, I am posting the slides from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” Learn. Enjoy. Share.

Zappos Only Hires People Who Are Passionate About Customer Service

Zappos is about the very best customer service and that starts with hiring the very best people. Watch this interview as Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh talks about the Zappos Customer Service Culture.