Onsite Training Social Distancing Policy

We’ll continue preparing customer service professionals to improve the sound, flow, and feel of customer interactions and de-escalate intense interactions through live digital workshops and eLearning.

Our focus for onsite training is on keeping everyone safe. We’re monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following the Centers for Disease Control and local government officials’ guidance. In cities where local authorities determine it’s safe for gatherings, we’ll work with clients to facilitate safe training.

When we facilitate onsite training for your company, please meet the following guidelines.

Speaker Distance

Please give our trainers a social distance of at least 12 feet from the nearest participant row/table.

Participant Distancing

Please reserve large meeting rooms to allow social distancing. Spread out tables and remove chairs (i.e., a table of six becomes a table for three), so there is safe social space between participants. We recommend a distance of at least three feet between participants.


We recommend participants wear masks in training sessions, and we work under local government mask requirements for your city. Our trainers will wear a mask to set up for your training, and they’ll remove the cover before speaking. After the workshop, trainers will re-mask. If your city requires face covering indoors, our trainers will stay masked throughout your workshop.

Note: Unmasked participants are not to come within six feet of our trainers.

These guidelines will change based on evolving data insights and recommendations from the CDC.


Please direct questions here.