Customized Customer Service Training

Onsite Customer Service Workshops

Myra Golden’s engaging training with your employees focuses on the soft elements of service – the sound, flow, and feel, so that your employees go back to work fully prepared and inspired to express the soul of your brand, and assured in their ability to handle challenging customers.

“I do my homework to get to know precisely what your frontline employees struggle with, and what you want to accomplish, and then I deliver the solutions in an inspiring and highly engaging way to achieve behavioral change.”



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Customer Service Online Training

Walmart called Myra’s eLearning “the gold standard and John Hancock saidThe first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to actively participate in each module, and there are action items you take away.”

We’ve condensed Myra’s behavior-changing and inspiring onsite customer service training down to the fundamentals, and your employees get the full sensory experience of Myra’s training online.

In short courses, averaging 30 minutes each, your employees enjoy Myra’s famously engaging style, and they are interacting every three to four minutes. Your employees walk away from this training prepared and inspired to:

  • Deliver warm, friendly interactions (over phone, email, text, and chat)

  • Express empathy and concern

  • Handle challenging customers with more skill and ease

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SCORM Modules for Your Learning Management System (LMS)

If your company has a Learning Management System, you can upload our courses to your system for an energetic, engaging customer service training experience.

We give you all of Myra’s classes in SCORM 1.2-compliant format, and you’ll have Myra Golden as your personal trainer! Your people will walk away from your new training more assured in their ability to control calls and handle challenging customers, and they’ll deliver warm and empathic interactions over the phone, email, text, or chat.



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Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our engaging, customized training, and the results our training brings, we insist that you let us know. We’ll help you make our training work for your employees, or we’ll eagerly refund your money.