Customer Service Training Workshops

“I was very pleased with Myra’s presentation, but even more so, I was left with a sense of new energy and desire to put her recommendations to use. I can’t wait for Monday.” 

Tim O’Laughlin, The Coca-Cola Company


  • Workshop attendees have said, Myra’s positive attitude really makes me feel that one person can completely change another’s state of being and “Each one of us walked away with something new, and all of us feel we could have sat and listened to her for days!

  • Training is customized to your needs. Myra meets with your management team before the training to discuss your objectives and she reviews a sample of your agent calls to help her understand where you are today.

  • Myra is known for her high engagement, stories and humor – your people will love spending the day with her!

Brands Serious About Delivering the Best Customer Experience Call On Myra for Onsite Transformative Training Workshops

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Myra Golden is an author, trainer and keynote speaker who has been helping companies for over twenty years to improve the customer experience through her customer service training workshops. Myra has a master’s degree in human relations and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, helping her to understand the challenges of developing the best customer experience as it relates to the psychology of the employees.

Sample Myra’s Style here:

“I have attended many customer service trainings and I have worked in customer relations for many years. Today I learned more in a few hours than I ever could have imagined! And the way Myra presented the information was wonderful.”

Caitlin Singer
Team Lead
Aveda Corporation


Myra delivered two full-day workshops for us, and we could not be more pleased.  She took the time to listen to our needs and created workshops that combined her expert knowledge with the specific customer-service ethos we want ingrained in our employees.  

Our attendees had this to say about Myra:

Myra held everyone’s attention. Her personal stories and experiences were insightful and valuable.

I have been through other customer service related seminars and Myra’s by far was the best I have ever completed!

• I felt the small group discussions were a great way to get my thoughts and ideas across in a safe, friendly environment

Myra is a wonderful and engaging speaker.

Amy Spence, Training Service Manager, West Education Group


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Customer Service Training Topics 

Myra will create your training around one or more of the following topics:

To help you get a feel for Myra’s content and her engaging style, we’ve included short video descriptions under select customer service training topics. You’re welcome. 🙂

  • Customer Experience Over the Telephone – So your employees can make a great first impression over the phone and end calls on a positive note

  • How to Talk to Customers –  So your employees can master the human relations skills that it takes to consistently deliver a delightful customer experience 

Imagine how Myra will deliver the exact soft skills your employees need while she resonates with your employees. Here are three minutes of Myra’s content and style.

  • Empathy – So your employees instinctively put themselves in your customer’s shoes and respond with more care, concern, and friendliness 

  • How to Handle Difficult Customers: 5 Verbal Aikido principles from Myra’s Verbal Aikido TrainingSo your employees are confident, assertive and in control when dealing with angry and agitated customers 

  • Call Control – So your employees can politely control calls with storytellers, ramblers, and whiners

  • Email Writing: 3 elements of a great email customer experience – So your employees can craft personable emails that reflect your brand voice

  • How to De-escalate – So your employees can gracefully respond to the customer who demands to speak to a supervisor and they can assertively keep customers from escalating in aggression or anger

  • How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer: The 3 keys doctors use to give bad news – So your employees can deliver bad news with confidence and without fear of negative backlash

  • Complaint Handling – So your employees can handle problems in such a way that they completely restore customer confidence after a service failure

Customer Service Workshops are delivered in 2-hour, 4-hour or full-day format, depending on the objectives you and Myra set together.

More of Myra’s style

Look Through Myra’s Customer Service Training Outlines

“Wonderful, practical useful information for our entire group.”

Laurie Garcia, Team Lead
Frito-Lay North America

Indian businesswoman writing on whiteboard

“I really enjoyed Myra’s explanations and “hands-on” activities which really drove home the points of how to provide the best customer service.”

Elizabeth Price, Estee Lauder

Watch Myra discuss how she customizes customer service workshops in this 4-minute video


“Myra Golden’s training on harmony truly impacted the way our Customer Agents monitor all interactions with our Customers. She provided several tools to help the team further develop and hone their skill sets. Just this week, one of our Specialists mentioned that she carefully monitors and reviews all written communication now, implementing some of the skills she learned as a result of the training.”

Susan Campbell, Director, Customer Experience, Vera Bradley

Your people won’t be bored! Watch as Myra talks about how she gets engagement in her training sessions

This Video Shows You How Fun and Interactive a Myra Golden Training Is!

Working in small groups, participants in one of Myra’s Verbal Aikido workshops (aka handling difficult customers) were asked to share the best responses they had successfully used in response to a customer who was yelling or cursing.

This video reveals the top 7 responses from this bright group of customer service professionals.

Talk to us about scheduling Myra to deliver a customer service training for your team.

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Myra poses with happy attendees after a Dallas training

“The customized tools and lessons presented by Myra Golden transcended the typical ‘training class’ and was truly a professional development event.

Our associates were immediately empowered to create more memorable service experiences for our customers even before the applause faded. As stated by one associate “Myra Golden captured our attention from the moment she started to speak, until the very end! I feel privileged to have been a part of the training!

Laura Dambier
Sr. Vice President, Partner Solutions for Life, Claims and Distribution
Lincoln Financial Group

“Myra’s program was excellent! One of the best training sessions we have attended -well presented. The session was very beneficial to our everyday job!”

Shirley Perry
Michelin North America

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with our training, and the results our training brings, we insist that you let us know. We’ll help you make our training work for your employees, or we’ll refund your money.



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