Digital Classroom Upgrade Notice

We’ve been working on our online classrooms so we can give you the best possible training experience! On Saturday, February 2, 2021, we’re moving our digital classroom to prepare our training for the future. While this is a significant undertaking for us, we want this transition to be smooth and effortless for you.

To minimize the impact on you, we have selected a time when our customers least use our digital classroom — a late Saturday evening.  

At a glance Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know about our digital classroom move.  

Why we’re making this move. We’re moving our digital classroom to enhance the learner experience and to provide a more secure environment.  

What’s new?   We’re engaging and enriching learners with a whole-new platform designed for their success. Our new features include:    

-We’ve created a De-escalation Academy (includes certification!)  

-We’ve added a Customer Service Master Class  

-We’re enhancing the learning with cheat sheets, checklists, and worksheets  

-Our new training modules are engaging 4K video  

-We’ve improved the audio quality of courses  

-Learners can select playback speed (from 1x to 3x)  

-Integrated live lessons through Zoom and Facebook Live  

-We’re correcting the password reset feature that frustrated many learners  

-We’ll drip content over days to protect learners from overwhelm  

-More security – our new SSL lets us get content to you more securely   

What do we have now that we won’t have after the upgrade?   No more time-consuming administration After the upgrade, new customers won’t have to attend on-boarding meetings to learn how to manage digital training rooms – we’ll handle the administrative details for you! You’ll give us your user list in a spreadsheet with student first name, last name, and email address, and we’ll quickly create accounts for you and send your employees a welcome email with details on creating a password. Note: Existing customers will be automatically moved to the new platform.
Branded pages with company logos will go away. Our customers demand higher levels of security. Our new learning platform comes with enhanced security, and as part of this upgrade, we won’t be assigning unique URLs or uploading external images.      

Questions We welcome your questions about our digital classroom upgrade. Please reach out to us here.