eLearning Support

For customers exploring our eLearning offerings, we have a detailed FAQ section right here.

Free Online Tutorial for All eLearning Customers

We find that a 30-minute online demonstration of your new eLearning helps you quickly learn how to set up users, add a logo, pick courses, understand report creation and get going with your new training. We are always happy to do this for our clients. Schedule your meeting right here. 

Where are my login and password?

These details will be emailed to you. We generally email you within three to four hours, but it can take a full business day if it’s all hands on deck for a workshop here at our office.

If you don’t receive an email from us within one business day, check to make sure we are not blocked by your spam filter. Our email address is info@myragolden.com.

Website for online learning

We will create a custom URL for your company. You will receive your custom URL via email. We usually get your custom site created within 2 business days.

Selecting an Administrative Person for Your eLearning

How do I assign an Admin for our eLearning account? 

Please tell us who you want your Admin to be right here.

Adding Employees to Your eLearning Portal

How do I add users to my eLearning account? 


How long is each course in the eLearning library?


How do I run reports?

How can my employees track their own progress?

User Experience

Why is my video buffering?

Do you have a recommended sequence of taking the courses?

What do employees see when they log in? It looks different from my dashboard, right?

How long will it take my employees to complete the modules?

My employee has completed 3 courses, but the system says “No courses completed.” Why is this?

How do I stop the system from automatically sending my employees emails each time a new course is added?

How do I expand the video module to full-screen?

Custom Branding for Your e-Learning Website

You will have a custom URL and you can also have your logo added to your eLearning portal, please send your logo to Info@MyraGolden.com with the subject line: Please add our logo to our new training site.

The logo must be at least 1170px wide and 450px tall. We accept gif, jpg, jpeg, and png. The maximum logo size is 10mb.

When we add your logo, your login page will look something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.47.46 PM

Still need help? Call us at 918-398-9368 or reach us online right here.