Onsite Customer Service Workshops

Workshop attendees have said, “Myra’s positive attitude makes me feel that one person can completely change another’s state of being” and “Each one of us walked away with something new, and all of us feel we could have sat and listened to her for days!”

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Customer Service eLearning

Walmart called Myra’s eLearning “the gold standard” and John Hancock said, “The first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to participate in each module actively, and there are action items you take away.”

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SCORM Modules For Your Learning Management System

SCORM 1.2-Compliant Modules, to Help Your Employees Speak with Friendliness and Empathy, and to Handle Difficult Customers with More Ease –– an all-in-one package that is super-easy to upload to your LMS.

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