Full Access Order Confirmation

Full Access Order Confirmation

Opt-in to our email list (VERY Important)

To receive communication from us, including how to setup your custom URL for training, confirming your Administrator is assigned, and for all technical support, you’ll have to opt-in to our mailing list. If you don’t opt-in, we can’t email you. So, the first step for your new Learning is for you to opt-in to our email subscription. Please do that now.

Thank you for choosing Myra Golden’s Customer Service eLearning suite for your professional development objectives. Our Customer Care team will generate your username and password and email these details to you. In most cases, we get this information to you within a just few minutes, but from time to time it can take up to a couple of hours, like if it’s all hands on deck for Myra’s in-house workshops.

The email you receive from Customer Care will also include a link to the eLearning suite website, and it will have all of the details on your new training, including how to customize the training to the specific needs of your organization. We’re thrilled to have you as a customer!

Contact the Myra Golden Customer Care Team

Phone: 918-398-9368

Email: info@myragolden.com