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Telephone Customer Experience Improvement

Telephone Call Flow Strategy for Call Centers (with videos)

How to Write a Complaint Response Letter to a Consumer

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How to Write Complaint Response Letters to Customers

Video: Excellent problem response letter from American Airlines

How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer

How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer: The 4 Steps Doctors Use

Call Control

How to Get the Chatty-Cathy to Cut to the Chase

Control Calls with “Friendly” People Using the “Ask 3-Closed-ended Questions” Technique

Free Sample Module From Myra’s eLearning Series

How to Control Conversations with Customers (Call Control)

Interviewing and Hiring Customer Service Professionals

These Are the Interview Questions You Need to be Asking Customer Service Representatives 

7 Great Ideas for Motivating Customer Service Employees {video}

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7 Phrases that Convey Empathy to Customers (with 1-minute video you can share with employees)

20 Damn Good Ways to Express Empathy

4 Videos Myra Shows In Her Empathy Workshops

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Short YouTube clips you can use to train your customer service employees

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