Here’s What No One Tells You About Business Growth (Keynote)


Here’s What No One Tells You About Business Growth
Format: 45-60 minute keynote

Loyal customers are the easiest customers to serve based on familiarity with your products and processes, they tend to spend more with you than first-time buyers, they often make cross-purchases, and they reward you with word-of-mouth advertising. Even with overwhelming evidence in favor of retaining customers, most businesses spend next to nothing on retention efforts.

In this keynote, Myra argues that there are only two functions of any business – winning customers and keeping customers and that spending (nearly) your entire marketing budget on attracting new customers no longer makes sense.

The Outcome

The result of this talk is an audience inspired to turn their attention and marketing budgets toward building, strengthening, and repairing relationships with its current customers.

Key Takeaways

Your audience will walk away with:

Customer Recovery – Your chances of retaining a customer drop dramatically if a problem isn’t resolved on the spot or if an employee has to get a manager involved. Myra reveals how she gave field employees throughout North America guided empowerment to resolve problems on the spot –and see how this impacted satisfaction and retention.

The 3 Cs of Customer Retention: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency – Discover why you must focus on and master consistency, so your employees are best positioned to create customer happiness, satisfaction, and loyalty.

An understanding of why it’s the little things that make the difference – from the warm welcome to the fond farewell to a sense of urgency in response, so your business doesn’t miss an opportunity to delight and make emotional connections at any touch point.

How to recognize when your processes or people are out of harmony with what your customers need and expect and how to get in harmony , so you’re positioned to win and keep customers.

The “man in desert” approach to meeting needs that aren’t even expressed, so you can position your business to develop a knack for meeting needs customers don’t even express!

What Customers Say About Myra

Exceptional service delivery during the Claims process is a critical “Moment of Truth” for an insurance company. The customized tools and lessons presented by Myra Golden transcended the typical ‘training class’ and was truly a professional development event. Our associates were immediately empowered to create more memorable service experiences for our customers even before the applause faded. As stated by one associate “Myra Golden captured our attention from the moment she started to speak, until the very end! I feel privileged to have been a part of the training!”

Laura Dambier, Sr. Vice President, Partner Solutions for Life, Claims and Distribution, Lincoln Financial Group