How to De-escalate Angry or Agitated Customers On-Demand Video Training

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“In regards to your eLearning course, your coaching has immensely helped me with a few difficult calls these past three weeks. The particular course that was pivotal to these calls was your “How to De-escalate” section.”

Anna HoangCustomer Support Specialist I, Vertafore

De-escalation Training to Help Your Employees Get Angry Customers to Back Down, Pre-empt Escalations to Supervisors and, In General, Handle Difficult Customers with More Ease.

  • Walmart said, “When I needed soft skills and call controls eLearning modules for our customer care agents, it quickly became apparent that Myra’s materials were the gold standard.” And Carlson Hotels Worldwide said, I really do love your webinars, Myra. They are very well done and extremely beneficial. I always find little helpful hints in your information.”

  • I have gathered up all of the best de-escalation and call control content from my live, full-day de-escalation workshops…the ones I deliver to companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay and Vera Bradley  – and neatly packaged it in a high-impact 60-minute brand-new live webinar training.

Escalations are time-consuming and frustrating for everybody, even for customers. I know you don’t want your customers to escalate. Share this video training with your team, and your people will walk away knowing exactly how to preempt an escalation.

Hi Myra, your training yesterday was fantastic. I was even able to apply your de-escalation techniques on my 2-year-old son and it worked like magic. He was having a fit to go to bed and I used your right-brain-left-brain technique. I was able to move him to his left brain by asking the color of his 3 favorite characters and he immediately calmed down and cuddled in bed with me. I thought you would appreciate the feedback 😉 Thank you.

–Marcia B.

How to Pre-empt an Escalation with a Customer 

  • Why anger must be acknowledged and exactly how to do it

  • Three things angry people want – knowing these things is the most powerful way to preempt an escalation

  • The 3-step process politicians, police chiefs, and CEOs use to de-escalate a crisis situation and how you can use these same steps to de-escalate conversations with demanding customers

  • Exactly what to say to the customer who demands to speak to a supervisor. This method is polite and useful.

When Things Get Out of Control Quickly, This is How You De-escalate

  • The 3-Step De-escalation Strategy Myra teaches in her onsite workshops, so your employees can quickly regain control of the conversation with confidence and with professionalism

  • Make sure language is not provoking, so your employees don’t dig themselves into a deeper hole

  • You cannot ignore a customer’s expression of anger – find out why.


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This training is perfect for:

  • Call Center Representatives

  • Front desk employees in healthcare

  • All employees who struggle to quickly maintain or regain control with challenging customers

The outcome of this training is employees walk away with specific techniques to create calm, take control of the call, defuse anger and move the call to closure.


How to De-escalate Angry or Agitated Customers (De-escalation Academy)

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