How to Handle Difficult Customers Training Kit

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Everything You Need for a Handling Difficult Customers with More Ease 

Get your training materials now and equip your employees to deal with difficult customers with more ease and effectiveness.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 11 pre-written training modules
  • Reproducible comprehensive participant workbook that drives home key points and serves as a reference point long after the training is over.
  • High-impact PowerPoint presentation that you can use as is or customize with your logo and specific examples.
  • Detailed trainer’s notes to help you quickly get ready to train.
  • Supplemental worksheets that assure employees have a solid grasp on key points.
  • Certificate for a free consultation with Myra Golden – Consult with Myra about the philosophy, objectives or delivery of this training program before you deliver it!
  • Delivered digitally so that you’ll have this entire training system at your finger tips in minutes!
  • Howto Hints on delivering a measurably effective training.


How to Handle Difficult Customer

Using the powerful martial art Aikido as a benchmark, employees gain strategies, tactics and psychological insights for dealing with demanding, irate and unreasonable customers. Your employees will learn to redirect angry and difficult customers rather than opposing them head-on. By the end of this training, your people will have a field-tested strategy for blending with the energy of difficult customers and completely redirect behavior.

Course outline:

  • How to strategically encourage calm with angry or aggressive customers
  • Ignoring the customer’s expression of anger find out why you MUST assertively acknowledge your customer’s anger
  • Why you cannot rationalize or negotiate with an angry customer
  • Why force can never meet force (serenity and maturity, not power and punches)
  • The importance of identifying and neutralizing your own hot buttons
  • Why reducing choice, sounding formal, and causing a sense of helplessness will always arouse resentment in customers
  • Exactly how to handle the customer who demands to speak to a manager

View a sample training module from this course:

How to Handle Difficult Customers Sample Module

Module Outline

MODULE 1: Introduction & Icebreaker

MODULE 2: Hostile Interaction Essentials

MODULE 3: 4 Things to Never Do with an Upset Customer

MODULE 4: Hot Buttons


MODULE 5: Power of Perceptions

MODULE 6: Conversation Control

MODULE 7: Supportive versus Provoking language

MODULE 8: Ask 3 Closed-ended Questions

MODULE 9: How to Say No without Causing Resentment

MODULE 10: Verbal Aikido

MODULE 11: Action Commitment and Close

View a sample training module from this course:

How to Handle Difficult Customers Sample Module

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