How to Motivate Customer Service Professionals 61 minute On-Demand Video

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On-Demand Video Chock-full of Ideas for Motivation, Team Building, and Fun!

If you’re concerned about how to motivate your customer service employees, you may want to get this 60-minute video where Myra Golden explores meaningful low and no-cost ways to motivate employees who serve customers.

What Really Works for Motivating Customer Service Professionals?

  • What matters most to Customer Service Professionals? Myra will give you the top things that surveys show matter to your employees.
  • 95% of employees consider a cash incentive a meaningful stimulus, but employees simply spend the money and quickly forget about the reward. Myra will give you ideas for important motivators that are far stronger than money.
  • Incentive and reward ideas from brands that got it right. Myra once moderated a panel for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) on motivating CSRs. The group included subject matter experts from Nike, Johnson & Johnson and other great companies. Myra shares in this webinar insights from her great panel. You’ll love these ideas!

Motivation Through Empowerment & Delegation

  • Discover how Myra stumbled upon the greatest motivation approach ever! Myra delegated a project to a CSR, only because she was juggling multiple priorities, and she discovered how delegation could be a powerful motivator and a real game-changer for call center agents.
  • See how Zappos motivates its customer loyalty team through empowerment so you can explore new ideas that might work for your own team.
  • Why making requests, and not declarations, is the best way to get buy-in and motivate your people to work at their best levels.

Practical, Low-Cost and No-Cost Ways to Motivate 

  • Learn about how Myra’s Post-It Note Therapy (an idea from Bob Nelson’s 1001 Ways to Motivate Employees) instantly created energy and fun in her call center – and how you can do it too!
  • Get a list of fun “theme days” that your employees will love!
  • Hear results from Myra’s Focus Group with front-line customer service employees as they discussed what really motivates them!
  • How to Motivate Customer Service Professionals

How to Motivate Customer Service Professionals On-Demand Video

On-Demand Video Chock-full of Ideas for Motivation, Team Building, and Fun!


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