Management Coaching

It’s time to get over your fears about giving employees feedback

People usually respond positively when managers level with them. I’ll walk you through precisely how to level with employees in such a way that you’re clear, and you maintain their esteem. We’ll start with a Discovery Discussion to help me discover your pain points of giving feedback and the challenges you’re facing with employees. Then I’ll craft a coaching strategy.

Some of the areas of I’ve worked on with employees are:

  • The Manager-Tested-and-Proven 6-Step Strategy for Addressing Unacceptable Employee Performance that I’ve taught managers in Fortune 100 companies, contact centers, government agencies, school systems, a spa, and a plumbing company.
  • How to avoid sounding critical and nitpicky, yet still get your point across.
  • How to avoid sounding critical and nitpicky, yet still get your point across.
  • 3 Keys for coaching underperforming employees.
  • How to get employees to take ownership of performance improvement using a super-simple 4-step Coaching Through Questioning technique.
  • My KFD principle for how to adequately prepare for constructive feedback discussions with employees. Using this principle, you’ll be prepared and confident!
  • A 2-minute exercise that you can do at your desk that will instantly boost your confidence by increasing your testosterone levels (this works for women too) and lower your cortisol (stress hormone). Do this quick exercise right before having high-stakes conversations, and you’ll have the confidence of Olivia Pope.

Let me help you coach your team to optimal performance.