More (Five Minute Friday)


It’s my pleasure to once again be participating in Five Minute Friday…a simple 5-minute writing exercise. This week’s writing prompt is “More” Enjoy. Participate. Learn more about Five Minute Friday.

I want more days like this. I’m chopping onions for the Kale and Quinoa dish I’m making for lunch; lunch just for me. The window in the breakfast room is open and my linen panels are blowing softly in the breeze. The graceful movement of the panels – out, up, wide, then descending – bring to mind a ballerina. Cool jazz is playing, perhaps too loudly. If my neighbor, Jennifer, is on her patio, as she often is on spring days like this, she surely hears my jazz vibes coming through the window. Soon she may even smell my onions sautéing.

More of this. I want more days like this. Days where I arise early; today I got up at 5am, and that’s my weekday norm. Days where I start with journaling and an espresso. Days where I ease through most of my business projects and emails by 10:00am. Days where I sit down and read a can’t-put-down novel over a plant-based lunch, and then walk for 15 minutes around my backyard, praying, thinking, planning. Evenings where I enjoy conversations with my daughter and listen to my husband and son talk sports. Nights where I chill with a glass of Shiraz or Malbec.

My onions are now sautéing and I’m looking out my office window at the stone bird bath, a housewarming gift 13 years ago from a friend of my husband. My husband and I were walking through the friend’s nursery, looking for flowers for our new home. I spotted the full stone bird bath and had to have it. Charlie, the owner and friend of my husband, caught me coveting. “You like that, huh?” I did really like it. Years later my mother would tell me,“Keep water in it and you’ll attract birds all day long.” I learned that she was right.“It’s yours,” he said, and immediately picked it up, struggling because it was very heavy. My husband had to jump in and help him.

My husband and I both protested, insisting that we pay for the bird bath, but ultimately we accepted the gift. Yesterday a male Cardinal stopped by to bathe. Right now a female cardinal sips from the bath and a Chickadee is bathing. I smell my onions sautéing. It’s time to get back in there to toss and add salt and pepper.

I do want more days like this, more pleasures like this, to feel more gratitude for my life like this.