appreciated all the pre-work you did to learn about McDonald’s training and operational procedures. You did a great job of customizing your training to meet our specific needs. Also, it appeared as though the entire group was completely engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the training.

McDonald’s Corporation

have attended many customer service trainings and I have worked in customer relations for many years. Today I learned more in a few hours than I ever could have imagined! And the way Myra presented the information was wonderful.”


De-escalation Academy

De-escalation Academy is the only training for customer service that not only shows your employees how to redirect verbal aggression and regain control of interactions – but how to get customers to accept their word as final. 

Your Answer to Escalations!

Customer Service Master Class

Customer Service Master Class is the only training of its kind that not only prepares your employees to support customers with friendliness, empathy, and concern (over the phone, email, chat, and face-to-face) – but how to deliver bad news and de-escalate.

Your Complete Training Solution!

Live Digital TRAINING

Engaging learning activities, scenarios based on issues you bring, and guided small group discussions in virtual breakout rooms. I’ll customize your training on everything from telephone skills to empathy to call control to de-escalation.

Your Live Training Solution!

Prepare Your Team to Confidently De-escalate!

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