The Way of Harmony {Customer Experience Keynote}

Delivering exceptional customer experiences through alignment of processes and people with customers’ needs

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The Way of Harmony

Format: 45-60 minute keynote

This keynote features insights Myra gained from a fascinating interview with the owner of a successful barbershop with a 50-year history. This talk focuses on how you can take your customer interactions and transform them into impressive experiences using the keys Myra learned from the famous Sanders Barbershop in Broken Arrow, OK.

Today’s customers want an experience; an experience that is easy, meets their needs and is enjoyable. Myra, a former global head of customer care, teaches organizations how to bring their processes and people in harmony with customers’ needs and expectations for a delightful and memorable customer experience.

Myra introduces 4 keys for customer experience design: Harmony, Empathy, Strategy and Be Here Now. Leaders will examine how best in class companies have executed the 4 Keys for an exceptional customer experience and to drive profits.

This program is perfect for:

  • Senior management
  • Teams struggling with customer experience design
  • Organizations with low customer satisfaction numbers
  • Companies ready to craft an engaging, enjoyable and memorable customer experience
  • Contact Centers with an urgent need to improve the customer experience
  • Associations with members who head up customer service

The result of this keynote is an audience prepared to identify ways to reduce customer effort and develop employees’ emotional intelligence to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Exceptional service delivery during the Claims process is a critical “Moment of Truth” for an insurance company.  The customized tools and lessons presented by Myra Golden transcended the typical ‘training class’ and was truly a professional development event.  Our associates were immediately empowered to create more memorable service experiences for our customers even before the applause faded.  As stated by one associate “Myra Golden captured our attention from the moment she started to speak, until the very end!  I feel privileged to have been a part of the training!”

Laura Dambier

Sr. Vice President, Partner Solutions for Life, Claims and Distribution

Lincoln Financial Group


Key Takeaways:

  • How to recognize when your processes or people are out of harmony with what your customers need and expect.
  • Discover storyboarding as a technique to help you quickly identify bottleneck steps for an instant improvement in your customer experience.
  • Explore ways to build stronger emotional connections with customers through Extreme Empathy
  • Get inspired by best practices for harmony in companies like Apple, Zappos, and Starbucks.
  • Get 4 Keys to help you create an enjoyable, engaging and memorable customer experience
  • Execute your new customer experience strategy faster by using a new fiercely focused project plan that gets all of your horses going in the same direction.


“I was very pleased with Myra’s presentation, but even more so, I was left with a sense of new energy and desire to put her recommendations to use. I can’t wait for Monday.”

Tim O’Laughlin

The Coca-Cola Company 


“Myra’s keynote session was everything I was hoping for and then some.  She left our group energized and excited to get back to their stores and WOW their customers. Our managers have already started to put practices in place to take their customer interactions to the next level. 

 Her perspective and message was easy to follow, and she gave actionable items that will help our organization for years to come.  She truly understands what it takes to make lasting emotional connections with customers and has a wonderfully effective way of delivering it. 

When I first contacted Myra, I told her that I wanted a program that was tailored to our unique business and the audience (store managers) that would be in attendance.  She assured me that she was the right person for the job and I have to say, she was right.  She worked with us closely leading up to our convention and delivered on all her promises.

If you want more than a ‘motivational speaker’ and a program that is tailored to your needs as an organization, I highly recommend Myra Golden.”

Benjamin Cornell, Customer Experience Manager

Edible Arrangements International, Inc.

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