Customized On-site Customer Service Training

My engaging training with your employees focuses on the soft elements of service – the sound, flow, and feel, so that your employees go back to work fully prepared and inspired to express the soul of your brand over every contact channel and assured of their ability to handle challenging customers.

Tim O’Laughlin

“I was very pleased with Myra’s presentation, but even more so, I was left with a sense of new energy and desire to put her recommendations to use. I can’t wait for Monday.”


“One of her most impressive acts of preparation was the fact that she had done prior research on our organization so the teaching would directly relate to our company. This created a feeling that we had known Myra for years. Throughout the day, she presented useful information with a lively, upbeat style that kept us motivated. Humorous anecdotes were thrown into her lecture and lightened the mood of all who heard her.”

Beth Vickers

appreciated all the pre-work you did to learn about McDonald’s training and operational procedures. You did a great job of customizing your training to meet our specific needs. Also, it appeared as though the entire group was completely engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the training.



“I am still receiving compliments on your polished and actionable presentation! You are a complete professional who can connect with your audience through warmth and deep knowledge. I hope to have you back again!”


Laura Dambier Sr. Vice President, Partner Solutions for Life, Claims and Distribution

“Moment of Truth” for an insurance company. The customized tools and lessons presented by Myra Golden transcended the typical ‘training class’ and was truly a professional development event. Our associates were immediately empowered to create more memorable service experiences for our customers even before the applause faded. As stated by one associate, “Myra Golden captured our attention from the moment she started to speak, until the very end! I feel privileged to have been a part of the training!”



“I must say that the feedback from the staff regarding your presentation was ever so favorable. People found it valuable, insightful, and thought-provoking – Just what I was hoping for.”



“Myra’s keynote was everything I was hoping for, and then some! She left our group energized and excited to get back to their stores and wow their customers. Our managers have already started to put practices in place to take their customer interactions to the next level. Her perspective and message were easy to follow, and she gave actionable items that will help our organization for years to come. She truly understands what it takes to make lasting emotional connections with customers and has a wonderfully effective way of delivering it.”


My Customized Training Usually Works Like This:

  • Define the Problem You Need to Solve
  • Determine Outcomes – what you want your employees to know, feel, and do as a result of Myra’s training
  • Answer the Question, “How will we know we’re successful?”
  • Design Options to Reach Your Objectives
  • Develop Content and Learning Activities
  • Facilitate Training
  • Reinforce

Retail. Food & Beverage. Financial. Associations. Non-profit. And YOUR Company!

Featured by Microsoft and LinkedIn!

During the Pandemic, Microsoft featured four of my courses to help job-seekers discover new career paths, learn relevant skills, find jobs that are in-demand and stand out to recruiters. More than 1.6 million people showed up and took my classes!

Customer Spotlight: West

“I have attended many customer service trainings, and I have worked in customer relations for many years. Today I learned more in a few hours than I ever could have imagined! And the way Myra presented the information was wonderful.”

I’ll customize your workshop on everything from empathy to telephone skills to call control to de-escalation. I’ve recently facilitated training for the CDC, Arizona Public Service, Instacart, AARP, Colorado DMV, Chrono24, and Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

© 2021 – Myra Golden – All Rights Reserved. 

© 2021 – Myra Golden – All Rights Reserved. 

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