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Below I have two course previews for you: Call Control and Telephone Skills. You’ll first see the “welcome” video and course description, and then you can just click to go right to the class. 🙂


Preview 1: How to Control Conversations with Challenging Customers: 3 Tactics

The average business call lasts 2 minutes longer than it needs to. We stay in the conversation because we don’t know how to politely bring it to a close. It’s time to fix that, and that’s what this course is about. This course delivers three proven conversation control techniques that will help you assertively interject when conversations get out of your control. You’ll assert yourself with confidence, and within a matter of seconds, you’ll be back in control.

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Preview 2: Telephone Skills Training

This training is about how to consistently deliver friendly and personable interactions over the telephone. Myra introduces 4 elements of the perfect call opening, walks your people through the best way to place customers on hold and she demonstrates how to end calls on a positive note.

The outcome of this module is customer service professionals who are prepared to establish rapport with callers within the first few seconds of the call, handle the body of the phone call with poise and end calls on a friendly note.

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If you haven’t already seen our eLearning platform, here’s a 90-second tour of the training platform.

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