Soft Skills eLearning Modules

“Your videos and training materials have helped me tremendously.  My team members find the material easy to follow and are engaged in every step.”

Dr. Mayling Molina, Doral Center for Orthodontics

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Online Training Modules: (Create a custom learning path for your employees by picking from our courses below, or take them all.)

1. Customer Experience Over the TelephoneSo your employees can make a great first impression over the phone and end calls on a positive note (17 minutes)

2. How to Talk to Customers –  So your employees can master the human relations skills that it takes to consistently deliver a delightful customer experience (21 minutes)

3. Empathy – So your employees instinctively put themselves in your customer’s shoes and respond with more care, concern, and friendliness (15 minutes)

4. How to Handle Difficult Customers: 5 Conversational Aikido principles – So your employees are confident, assertive and in control when dealing with angry and agitated customers (53 minutes)

5. Call Control So your employees can politely control calls with storytellers, ramblers, and whiners (34 minutes)

6. Email Writing: 3 elements of a great email customer experience – So your employees can craft personable emails that reflect your brand voice (36 minutes)

7. How to De-escalate – So your employees can gracefully respond to the customer who demands to speak to a supervisor and they can assertively keep customers from escalating in aggression or anger (33 minutes)

8. How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer: The 3 keys doctors use to give bad news – So your employees can deliver bad news with confidence and without fear of negative backlash (17 minutes)

9. Complaint HandlingSo your employees can handle problems in such a way that they completely restore customer confidence after a service failure (23 minutes)

10. How to Rock Your Customer Service Job: 5 Traits of the Best Customer Service Professionals – So your employees have solid ideas and inspiration to  excel in their job (15 minutes)

You can try it right now – the most complete, engaging online customer service training you will find anywhere for your customer-facing employees.

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