subscription confirmation

Your subscription is confirmed.

Thanks for enrolling in my Full-Access program. My team is standing ready to onboard your employees in my training. We need a couple of things from you to get started.

First, we need a list of all the employees who will take my training. Please prepare a spreadsheet with your learners. Your import template must have the following:

  1. Three columns that include in this order: First name, Last name, and  Email address.
  2. Your columns’ first row must be a column header names (i.e., First name, Last name).
  3. Your file must have an .XLSX or .CSV extension

Second, please email your spreadsheet to with the subject: “New Subscription.”

Here’s a sample of how we need your spreadsheet to flow:

We typically have new accounts set up within one business day. We send your employees a welcome email with their login and instructions to create their password. We’ll email you to tell your team is set to start learning. Reach out to us with questions at any time. 

Thanks for trusting me with your professional development.