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For the Last Time, It’s Not Okay to Say, “Your Welcome.”

I was behind a truck recently that had a cool LED lighted border around the license plate. Little red lights danced around and framed the driver’s message.  Here’s what this driver had displayed on his flashy license plate border:

“If your reading this, than your to close.”

Do you see what I saw? Not one, not two, but four typos! The message should read:

Some banks to offer overdraft grace

Some banks are now setting limits on overdrafts, voluntarily. Huntington Bank will now give a 24 hour grace period, allowing you to restock your account. US Bank, Bank of America, 5th 3rd, and SunTrust, among […]

Green means yes…Red means no…and Yellow means you can negotiate: A simple Customer Recovery Strategy

I read about a bank that made problem response a cinch for Customer Service Representatives.  From responding to requests to lower credit card interest rates to handling requests to waive NSF charges, all responses are […]