I spend three hours every week working “on” my business, and you should too.


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I spent this afternoon in my Strategic Block. My Strategic Block, the best idea I took from the book, 12 Week Year, by Brian P. Morgan and Michael Lennington, is for me to spend three hours every week “on” my business. My Strategic Block is three uninterrupted hours of me doing something to improve my business. Today that three-hour block was spent listening to a business audiobook. Things I’ve done on my Strategic Blocks:

  • Watch Ted Talks
  • Write new stories for my keynotes
  • Record YouTube videos
  • Brainstorm new solutions for the problems that my customers struggle with
  • Attend a webinar
  • Pray for favor and wisdom in my business
  • Go to a networking luncheon or educational workshop
  • Read books (or listen to audiobooks)
  • Pray over upcoming training sessions/keynotes

When I’m in my weekly Strategic Block, I don’t answer my phone, no meetings are allowed, and get this – I don’t check emails or texts. My only focus is doing something that helps me improve my business.

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I took pages and pages of notes as I listened to three hours of my audiobook today. What about you? Do you dedicate time monthly, or better yet, weekly to developing your team, department or business? If not, I urge you to start.

Set aside time to plan, brainstorm, explore and prepare to be your absolute best self! The results will be manifested in your team’s morale, your customer experience, and in you! Part of your Strategic Block might be to spend time right here on my blog or my YouTube channel for ideas on how to help your employees fascinate customers with a dazzling customer experience!


Put all of your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!

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Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.

Andrew Carnegie

If there’s one thing that I’ve mastered in my professional life, it’s focus. I started my speaking and consulting business in 2001 and since that time, I have fiercely focused on managing and growing this business. Over the years many people have tried to lure me into multi-level marketing organizations. Clients have offered me jobs with amazing salaries. Colleagues have invited me into “partnership” opportunities. I’ve easily turned down every offer. Speaking is what I do. Period. I don’t get sidetracked by doubt, negative thinking, other ventures, a recessed economy or a job. I have put all of my energy, thoughts, and capital into the basket of my professional speaking and the fruits have been sweet and endless.

Living your dreams requires putting everything into your dream basket. Whether that dream is writing a book, starting a business, singing, or anything, you have to give it all of your energy, positive thoughts and focus. That is the surest way to obtain your dream. Put all of your eggs in your dream basket and watch that basket.

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