Myra Golden’s Slide Deck from Ohio Winner’s Breakfast

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.45.16 PM

I’m sitting in my hotel room doing a run-through of the keynote address I’ll deliver at the Ohio Winner’s Breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow will be exciting for me because I get to meet and mingle with business owners who are fiercely focused on the customer experience. They are coming to learn from me, but I’m sure I will be strategically picking brains as I work the room tomorrow. Each of the attendees at the Ohio Winner’s Breakfast will be receiving the Consumers’ Choice Award. This is such an honor for these organizations!

As I always do, I am making a copy of my slide deck from my keynote available. Both my audience and my blog readers can walk away with my ideas for how to keep the customer experience top notch.

Here’s my slide deck.  Enjoy. Learn. Share.


Myra Golden’s Keynote for AIRS in Oklahoma City – October 10, 2013

Tomorrow morning I have the wonderful privilege of being this year’s AIRS Conference Keynote Speaker! My one goal with this keynote is to help AIRS organizations deliver an even better client experience through Connection, Empathy, Listening and Making People Feel Good!

My first job out of college was for Family & Children’s Services in Tulsa and in that social services position, I actually used every one of the dimensions I share in this keynote. Especially in social services, it’s important to connect with clients, feel real empathy, listen with the intent to understand and to make people feel good. For the benefit of my wonderful audience in Oklahoma City, I am providing a copy of my slide deck right here. Enjoy. Learn. Share.

Myra Golden Keynote Oct 10 13.001

Myra Golden Keynote Oct 10 13

And here is the Empathy video I will share during my keynote.

I share this video a lot in my keynotes because it really gets people to FEEL empathy.

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I took my client on a field trip to the Apple store today – Customer Experience Design Strategy

Barnes and Noble Field Trip 2

This morning I took a team from one of my client’s branches on a field trip. We’re working to create the best possible customer experience in my client’s organization and I believe one way to achieve this goal is to learn from the best. So, I got everyone out of the office and we went to the Apple store and Barnes and Noble.

Before the fieldtrip, I gave the team a list of questions and observation points so that we’d make the most productive use of our time. At the Apple store, my team observed greeting upon store entrance, analyzed employee interactions and even got to see an Apple employee eloquently handle a not so happy customer. After the fieldtrip, we met in a circle in the mall and discussed our observations and explored ways they can take back some great ideas and adopt and apply them in their organization.

Apple store field trip

We left Apple and headed across the street to Barnes and Noble. The people at Barnes and Noble were so gracious and allowed us to explore, take up a lot of space, meet to discuss our observations and they even let us take photos. My team really walked away with a lot of customer service insights from Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Field trip

I love what I do! It’s great to make customer experience training and consulting hands-on, relevant and even fun.

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Customer Experience Keynote Speaker is Smiling Ear-to-Ear Because of This Email!

One of the most amazing feelings is knowing you met and exceeded your client’s expectations. This email is from an attendee of a keynote I delivered last week. I’m smiling ear to ear and grateful to be used by God to speak and inspire.



Myra Golden Keynote for OU Schusterman Library

Myra Golden OU Library Slide Deck.012

This morning I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at the OU Schusterman Library Annual Retreat. I just love the spirit of the librarians I met today. They communicated with each other and with me with genuineness and a respect that was so very refreshing! They already deliver a really amazing customer experience to their students, but they are working to take that amazing customer experience to phenomenal levels. I have no doubt they will achieve their service goals.

For the benefit of my wonderful client and for you, I am presenting my slides from my presentation right here: Myra Golden OU Library Slide Deck. Enjoy. Learn. Share.

Myra’s Customer Experience Keynote Slide Deck from Consumers’ Choice Awards in Dallas

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.39.04 PMI’m sitting in my hotel room doing a run-through of my keynote for the Consumer’s Choice Awards Breakfast that is being held in Dallas, TX. I’m really excited about this keynote because I will be speaking to the best companies that have been recognized for delivering the very best customer experiences. I’m usually brought into an organization to fix a problem, but for this event, I am present to inspire the best to keep moving steadily in the direction they’re already going. I am honored to be a part of this celebration,

As with every conference event, I am sharing my keynote slide deck right here for my audience and for you, my blog readers. Enjoy. Learn. Share. Myra Golden CCA Slide Deck

Top benefits of Myra’s keynotes:  

  • Enhanced corporate reputation in eyes of consumers as you become an organization obsessed with not letting a customer walk away (or hang up) unhappy.
  • Bring a sense of urgency and excitement to improving your complaint response strategy.
  • Leading-edge ideas for using social media to find and respond to gripes about your brand.
  • Proven systems for building a customer recovery strategy that regains customer goodwill and keeps customers from defecting to the competition.

Perfect for these audiences:  

  • Annual conferences and conventions, in-house training sessions and panels (as a moderator or panelist).
  • Leaders, including supervisors, managers, directors, heads of consumer affairs and marketing directors who want to retain more customers, rethink complaint handling processes, shape a customer service culture, leverage social media for customer service, and maximize customer service for PR.
  • Contact Center staff, including agents, supervisors and managers who want to improve their ability to deal with difficult customers, use social media for customer service, and improve the overall customer experience.

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