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Customer Experience Keynote Speaker is Smiling Ear-to-Ear Because of This Email!

One of the most amazing feelings is knowing you met and exceeded your client’s expectations. This email is from an attendee of a keynote I delivered last week. I’m smiling ear to ear and grateful […]

Myra’s Customer Experience Keynote Slide Deck from Consumers’ Choice Awards in Dallas

I’m sitting in my hotel room doing a run-through of my keynote for the Consumer’s Choice Awards Breakfast that is being held in Dallas, TX. I’m really excited about this keynote because I will be […]

Myra Golden’s Slide Deck and Videos from her Customer Experience Keynote in Atlanta

Last week I delivered my “Customer Journey” keynote to ORTEC in Atlanta. My keynote was extremely well received and after speaking, I enjoyed a sushi lunch with the company’s founder, CEO and VP of Product […]

Do you want parrots or people in your contact center?

Do you want parrots or people in your contact center?, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr. Last October, after I delivered a wonderfully-received keynote in Orlando, I grabbed my camera bag, slipped out of […]