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For the Last Time, It’s Not Okay to Say, “Your Welcome.”

I was behind a truck recently that had a cool LED lighted border around the license plate. Little red lights danced around and framed the driver’s message.  Here’s what this driver had displayed on his flashy license plate border:

“If your reading this, than your to close.”

Do you see what I saw? Not one, not two, but four typos! The message should read:

Are your emails to customers as good as this email I got from Nik Collection?

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Before You Send That Email to a Customer…

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How to Ruin Your Reputation In Just One Email Thread

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How Southwest Airlines Rebuilds Trust After Service Failures

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How to Be a Fantastic Chat Agent

I recently chatted with a QVC Customer Service Representative about the status of a product return. I only wanted to confirm that my return was received, but I walked away from the chat session with a Beyond WOW reaction. The WOW started with this message from the Representative:

 “Ms. Golden, I’m so sorry the Canon Vixia HV30 MiniDV HD Camcorder hasn’t been processed as of yet.  I know you’re anxious to have this completed.  The return processing time can take up to 17 days from the date an order is returned to QVC.  I hope your item is processed soon.”

QVC ChatFour important things happened here. And when you do these four things in your chat interactions, you will deliver a fantastic chat experience.

What should we look at when it comes to monitoring emails?

Myra’s answer to What should we look at when it comes to monitoring emails? Typical standards to monitor in email correspondence include: Email introduction Query/Problem introduction Resolution Proper closing time Response time Spelling, grammar, punctuation […]

SMH (scratching my head)

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