Let Me Teach You How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer

My course, “Delivering Bad News to a Customer” for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning is now live! If you struggle with how to deliver bad news to customers, you’ll want to take this class.

Here’s a description of the course:

Customer service is about providing the best experience to a customer—yet, a lot of the time customer service reps find that their hands are tied and that what the customer wants is not something the rep can deliver. How can CSRs work to keep the relationship with the company strong and intact? This course outlines a simple four-step approach that can be used in a variety of customer service settings. Learn about communication styles, methods, and approaches that can be applied to challenging situations like delivering bad news, handling concerns, and more.

Topics Include:

  • Communicating clearly
  • Acknowledging the customer’s concerns
  • Being open to additional questions
  • Offering alternatives
  • Reviewing customer service policies
  • Communicating on the phone or via email
  • Interacting with customers in person

Duration: 48m 13s


Watch Delivering Bad News to a Customer on LinkedIn and on Lynda.com Or, bring this training to your company.


What Customer Service Representatives Can Learn From Doctors About Delivering Bad News

African American DoctorStock_74826279_XLARGE.jpg

Two years ago my dad needed a quadruple bypass and to have 3 heart valves replaced. The surgery came with risks. There was a 10 – 15% risk of death during or shortly after surgery. My family arranged a meeting with my dad’s surgeon where the entire family could ask questions about the operation.

The surgeon walked into the simple exam room to meet with us. He greeted us, shook our hands and took a seat across from my dad. I was the first to ask a question. “If my dad doesn’t have this surgery, what are we looking at doctor?”

The surgeon expertly handled my question, all of our questions. I noticed how calm we were as we took in the bad news the doctor was delivering. There’s a lot customer service professionals can learn from doctors when it comes to delivering bad news.

Doctors, surgeons and trauma teams are strategically trained and highly skilled in delivering bad news. In fact, doctors who give bad news best have mastered 3 things: Attitude, Clarity, and Openness to Questions.

Watch this short YouTube video where I explain The 3 Keys Doctors Use to Deliver Bad News

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