Blessings Under the Western Sky (My keynote experience for Make-a-Wish Annual Conference)

It’s been a beautifully busy month for me. I have delivered a combined 10 keynotes and training sessions this month for amazing clients and I still have 2 more keynotes next week.

I’m home for a few days. It’s Saturday morning and I just finished journaling while enjoying an Italian espresso. I’m feeling so grateful right now and I want to share some of my gratitude with you this morning.

When I arrived at the stunning Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale on Thursday, my client, Make-a-Wish of America, had this tray of treats sent up to me.


This gift arrived at just the right time. I had been flying all day and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I was literally on the phone with room service when I heard the knock on the door. I told room service I’d call them back and I got the door.

My client gave me the perfect blend of healthy fruits, nuts, grains and cheeses. Plus, they sent up two chilled bottles of water. This is exactly the type of whole energy food I need before a big keynote. I devoured the tray. Seriously, I did.

Then I enjoyed a restful evening on my balcony watching the Phoenix sunset. It was breath-taking. I was at such peace. I felt the presence of God in a real way. I wanted to cry. I felt just that good.


The next morning I slept nice and late. I arouse at 6:50am Phoenix time, which is almost 9am CT where I live. My keynote wasn’t until 9:40 PT so I had time in abundance…nearly 3 hours to just enjoy and breath.

I enjoyed nearly an hour of prayer in my bathrobe on the balcony. I was surrounded by mountains.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of the desert land. I felt so close to the sky, so close to God.


As great as the experience was on my balcony, I had a keynote to deliver. I got dressed, put on my makeup and did my hair. To my delight, I was having a great hair day! My hair was big, textured and full. I knew it would be a great day.

And a great day it was!  My keynote was very well received. I got laughs, people were fully engaged. If felt good. The meeting planners and the executives all gave me outstanding feedback. I didn’t want to leave. But my driver was waiting to take me back to the airport.

I am blessed, so blessed. I am doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: Run my own business and use the gifts God has given me. Thank you God for this life. Thank you clients, readers and friends who support me on this journey.

A nice note from an attendee of my Make-A-Wish Keynote:


Myra Golden’s Keynote for AIRS in Oklahoma City – October 10, 2013

Tomorrow morning I have the wonderful privilege of being this year’s AIRS Conference Keynote Speaker! My one goal with this keynote is to help AIRS organizations deliver an even better client experience through Connection, Empathy, Listening and Making People Feel Good!

My first job out of college was for Family & Children’s Services in Tulsa and in that social services position, I actually used every one of the dimensions I share in this keynote. Especially in social services, it’s important to connect with clients, feel real empathy, listen with the intent to understand and to make people feel good. For the benefit of my wonderful audience in Oklahoma City, I am providing a copy of my slide deck right here. Enjoy. Learn. Share.

Myra Golden Keynote Oct 10 13.001

Myra Golden Keynote Oct 10 13

And here is the Empathy video I will share during my keynote.

I share this video a lot in my keynotes because it really gets people to FEEL empathy.

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How to Genuinely Apologize to Customers Without Admitting Fault

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 1.47.51 PM

I’m sitting in my home office doing a run-through of my slide deck for a very special keynote I’m delivering at the GMA Consumer Complaints Conference in San Francisco next week, and I thought I’d share with you one of the focal points of the keynote: How to Genuinely Apologize Without Admitting Fault.

I’m a big proponent of apologizing to customers after service failures occur, regardless of who is at fault.  It’s important to me that my clients apologize to their customers sincerely and that they don’t open their company up for liability with that genuine apology. At the GMA conference, my audience will learn exactly how to genuinely and safely apologize.  Here’s a little excerpt from my remarks. I hope this helps you.

Studies show that an apology thwarts lawsuits and amasses positive publicity. Not only that, but a genuine apology after a service failure actually strengthens a customer’s emotional bond to a company.

A sincere apology after a service failure is financially sound, and it helps organizations restore trust and regain goodwill. But many organizations steer away from apologies for fear of litigation. They fear a heartfelt “I’m sorry” is perceived as “I take responsibility.”

There is actually a big difference between an apology and a disclosure. An apology is an expression of sympathy, regret or condolence. “I’m sorry” laws adopted in 36 states protect the medical industry from litigation. Under the “I’m sorry” law, an apology is no admission of liability. While the “I’m sorry” law protects only the medical industry, all industries can benefit from learning to safely apologize to customers and in turn, reap the financial benefits of reduced litigation costs and reductions in customer defection due to dissatisfied customers.

An apology can be genuine and safe at the same time. Here are sample expressions of a sincere and harmless apology:

  •  “I’m sorry that you had to make this call today.”
  • “I’m sorry for any frustration you may have experienced.”
  • “I’m sorry for any inconvenience this misunderstanding may have caused you.”
  • “I’m sorry this happened to you.”

Keep these 3 tips in mind when stating your safe apology:

  1. State only the facts of the situation. (NEVER share a haunch or your opinion as to what caused the issue.)
  2. Don’t assume fault for the mishap and don’t blame others.
  3. Apologize for the impact the situation had on the customer, not the issue itself. For example, “I’m sorry for any frustration this may have caused you.”

Making an apology to customers after things go wrong is positively related to satisfaction with the recovery. Offer your customers a safe heartfelt apology after a service failure, and you will not only restore customer confidence and regain goodwill, but you should also realize the benefits of reduced litigation expenses and claim costs.

Now you can give your representatives even more great skills for delivering the best customer experience and for handling difficult customer situations. Sign up for my email list and learn specific tips, approaches, and phrases to help your employees help your customers.


The Corporate Apology in 5 Easy Steps

Sorry Works!

“I’ll fix the problem, but I will not apologize for a problem that is not my fault!”

This note from my client just made my morning!

This note from my client just made my morning! It made my morning because I was really speaking to a group of “friends” during this keynote. My client is SOCAP DFW and this was the third time I’ve delivered a keynote to this wonderful group.


The first time I spoke to SOCAP DFW my daughter was 2 years old. Over the years my client has heard random stories about my daughter and they’ve watched her grow up through the stories and pictures I’d share. My daughter is 13 now and I took her with me to this engagement. She even helped out by pulling names for door prizes and by taking photos. Having my daughter there with me made this that much more exciting.

My keynote for SOCAP DFW was called “How the Best Deliver the Best Customer Experiences.” If you’d like, you can take a look at the slide deck I used for this presentation.  To view or download my slide deck from this presentation, please click here.

Me speaking on the Customer Experience

Here I am speaking on the customer experience. I just love what I do!

Top benefits of Myra’s keynotes:  

  • Enhanced corporate reputation in eyes of consumers as you become an organization obsessed with not letting a customer walk away (or hang up) unhappy.
  • Bring a sense of urgency and excitement to improving your complaint response strategy.
  • Leading-edge ideas for using social media to find and respond to gripes about your brand.
  • Proven systems for building a customer recovery strategy that regains customer goodwill and keeps customers from defecting to the competition.

Perfect for these audiences:  

  • Annual conferences and conventions, in-house training sessions and panels (as a moderator or panelist).
  • Leaders, including supervisors, managers, directors, heads of consumer affairs and marketing directors who want to retain more customers, rethink complaint handling processes, shape a customer service culture, leverage social media for customer service, and maximize customer service for PR.
  • Contact Center staff, including agents, supervisors and managers who want to improve their ability to deal with difficult customers, use social media for customer service, and improve the overall customer experience.

Learn more at 

Myra’s Slide Deck from the Astute Customer Conference “Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience” Keynote

In just a few hours I will deliver my “Crafting the Social Customer Service Experience” keynote at the Astute Customer Conference in Orlando, FL. I’m pumped about speaking at this conference because I have been a fan of Astute’s CRM solutions for more than a decade and so many of my clients use Astute’s solutions.

After my keynotes, I make a practice of sharing my Keynote slide deck right here on my blog for both my live audience and my blog readers. Follow this link to download my “Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience” slide deck. I hope this slide deck inspires you to craft an even better social customer service experience.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.47.37 PM

Here’s the formal description of this keynote:

Crafting the Social Media Customer Experience

As one of the pioneers of social media for customer service, Myra expertly positions her clients to use social media as a platform for engaging customers, delivering impressively quick customer support, listening to customers and enhancing the customer experience. In this keynote, Myra will show your audience exactly how to maximize social media for customer service relevance. Myra will position your company to surprise and delight consumers who post gripes about your brand online, show you how to build buzz, and how to manage and protect your online reputation.

Myra Golden has spent 15 years benchmarking, interviewing and mystery shopping the best service companies in the world and in her keynotes she shares her insights to help her clients improve their own customer experiences. In her inspiring and riveting keynotes, Myra shares specific customer experience design details from the best service companies of our time: Apple,, Starbucks and Disney. Your audience will walk away with 4 powerful deliverables to help them create the best possible customer experience in their own companies. Explore Myra’s keynotes here.


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