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That Time My Client Cropped My Afro In My Headshot, And Why This Is Not Okay.

I haven’t stepped into a Starbucks since two African American men in Philadelphia were arrested for merely being black in Starbucks back in April. But Starbucks isn’t the only company with issues with insensitivity. Consider three of my recent experiences with companies.

Myra Golden, Author, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

It’s Not Okay to Crop My Afro In Your Corporate Images

Minutes before a workshop, I was seated stage-right as my client gave me an impressive introduction to the audience. As part of the opening, a slide with portraits of all of the conference speakers was featured on the big screen. There were five of us, and I was the only African American.

I do not attempt to tame my hair with chemicals or heat. Unapologetically I wear my hair big and out.

The slide with the conference speakers showed headshots of each speaker. My headshot was positioned so that at least two inches of my Afro was chopped off. The portrait was odd and unflattering. 

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