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What I’d Tell the Tag Agency Owner If He Asked Me for Advice on His Customer Service

Last Friday I made my annual trip to the Tag Agency. I went to a tag agency I’d never visited before and got caught up in a 45-minute nightmare “assembly line” service experience. It was truly unbelievable.

I was there to renew my tags. A simple process.  At my usual tag agency, I walk up to a clerk, hand over my registration postcard and my insurance, and my information is entered into the computer. I then pay, and I leave. This simple process was butchered at this tag agency.

I presented my registration information and insurance cards and then was told to have a seat and someone would call me to take my payment. That was odd. Why not just make my payment right now? I waited about 12 minutes for my name to be called. When I approached the clerk, she took my debit card, and I was told to have a seat until it was time for me to sign for my debit card payment. Odd. Really strange.

Another 10 or so minutes passed, and I was called up to sign for my debit card. I was then told to have a seat while my information was entered into the computer. Seriously?! About 6 minutes passed, and I was called up to get my registration receipts. AGAIN, I was told to take a seat and to wait. This time I was to wait for my tag stickers. Whatever.

This is the seating area where customers like me were asked to wait.