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Web Self-Service Strategies Every Business Should Be Using


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5 web self-service strategies that will slash your incoming support calls

My Business Phone (Almost) Never Rings.

And That Makes Me a Genius.

I remember back to my first few years in business when I was tethered to my BlackBerry, constantly returning phone calls and replying to emails. My business phone rang so much that I needed to hire an answering service.

Things are different today. For one, I am not shackled to my smartphone! And two, and this is a biggie – my office phone rarely rings.

My non-ringing business line is not a bad thing. I have worked strategically to create a web self-service strategy that answers more than 95% of my customers’ questions. And this well-designed strategy has made my support calls nearly vanish.

No doubt, my business is a small business. Most large businesses won’t slash incoming calls by 95% with even the best self-service strategy. But research cited by Harvard Business Review shows that by improving the help section on your website, you can reduce calls by 5% — easily.

Three out of 4 consumers prefer to solve their customer service issues on their own. And 65% of consumers say that they feel good about themselves and the company they are doing business with when they resolve a problem without talking to customer service. Here’s one last statistic for you. Fifty-seven percent of inbound calls come from customers who went to the website first! That startling statistic is from Harvard Business Review.

Here’s how I make my customers feel good about themselves and my company, while reducing my support call volume. Five simple ways. 

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