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The Calming Gift of Water

The wishing well my son and I saw yesterday. (Click the photo enlarge.) As my son and I were leaving the mall yesterday, I saw a beautiful wishing well. It was right behind Santa’s Workshop […]

Downtime: What I do Offline to Recharge

Most of you know me from my online presence as a blogger, webinar host, eLearning producer or through social media. My online presence is so persistent that it leads some people to think that my […]

This is Freedom to Me

My daughter embracing her freedom This morning I enjoyed a long leisurely breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast cafes with my girlfriend from junior high school.  After the perfect spinach and tomato omelet and […]

My Turning Point

In the September issue of Speaker Magazine I discuss how a tragedy forced me to re evaluate my life and business. Read the full interview with Shari Alexander by going to  http://tinyurl.com/5r83yvs