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How Southwest Airlines Rebuilds Trust After Service Failures

Explaining Why/How a Problem Happened Helps Companies Regain Goodwill and Rebuild Trust A vital, but often overlooked element of customer recovery is to provide an explanation for how or why the problem happened. Taking the […]

Guy Kawasaki on social media and customer service

Imagine an angry consumer blasts your brand on Twitter, YouTube and on blogs, and she has so much influence that the Tweets become a trending topic and the YouTube video goes viral. Are you 100% […]

Identify Customer’s Needs by Asking “What does a man in the desert need?”

What does a man in the desert need most?   In my onsite classroom customer service training sessions, I ask my participants to imagine they’ve come across a man stranded in the desert. “What do […]

4 Tips for WOWing Customers Who Experience Problems

Seven years ago I had a new oven delivered to my home. The Sears deliveryman quickly pointed out that there was a small dent on the right side of the oven. The dent did not affect […]