Telephone Techniques Trainer’s Kit


Everything You Need to Equip Your Employees to Improve the Customer Experience Over the Telephone

Telephone Techniques: Simple Skills to Help You Improve the Customer Experience

The telephone is one of the best branding devices out there. Over the telephone, you get 3-5 minutes of your customer’s undivided attention. If you get the interaction right, you can create a memorable experience, generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, and build customer loyalty, which leads to increased profits. This module introduces (or reinforces) basic, yet fundamentally important telephone skills and presents a solid call strategy.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 pre-written training modules
  • Reproducible comprehensive participant workbook that drives home key points and serves as a reference point long after the training is over
  • High-impact PowerPoint presentation that you can use as is or customize with your logo and specific examples.
  • Detailed trainer’s notes to help you quickly get ready to train
  • Supplemental worksheets that assure employees have a solid grasp on key points
  • Certificate for free consultation with Myra Golden – Consult with Myra about the philosophy, objectives or delivery of this training program before you deliver it
  • How-to Hints on delivering a measurably effective training

Delivered digitally so that you’ll have this entire training system at your finger tips in minutes

Course Outline:

*How to effectively open a business call

*How to quickly gain control of the call (and put customers at ease) with assertive statements

*The importance of acknowledging customer concern and sample phrases of acknowledgment

*Warm ways to respond to compliments from customers

*Great preface questions to ask before asking customers your necessary questions. Example: “In order to try to figure out what happened, may I ask you a few questions?”

*5 Ways to create rapport over the telephone

*Questioning techniques that help you get to the heart of the issue, maintain control of the call and make the customer feel taken care of

*The most effective way to transfer a phone call and place a customer on hold

*The way to escalate a call to another department…customers hate being transferred, but this technique takes the sting out of the escalated transfer

*Tips for speaking with customers who have a foreign dialect…tips for truly understanding your customers and taking care of them fully

*How to recap and explain next steps in such a way that makes customers feel completely taken care of

*How to close a business call

*Printable 9-point “call flow” tip sheet

*Plus: An example of a customer service call gone wrong…video field trip of a customer service rep who’s call was recorded by a customer and blasted all over the Internet. What we can learn from this tragedy.

Sample a module from this training kit:

Telephone Techniques Demo Module


Module Listing

MODULE 1: Introduction, Icebreaker & Key Customer Questionnaire

MODULE 2: Learn How to Make Customers Feel Taken Care of


MODULE 3: Call Handling From Beginning to End

MODULE 4: Best Practices for Placing Callers on Hold and Transferring Calls

MODULE 5: 5 Ways to WOW Callers

MODULE 6: Action Commitment & Close

Sample a module from this training kit:

Telephone Techniques Demo Module

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