The Best Complaint Response Letter I Have Ever Received is From American Airlines

We took this video from my eLearning suite and created a simple “PowerPoint” with video. There are delays and a compromise of quality because this is a PowerPoint slide presentation. The actual eLearning performs flawlessly.

When it comes to problems, the issue is not usually the issue. How the issue is handled becomes the real issue.

American handled my canceled flight in such a way that they completely restored my confidence and earned my loyalty.

Everybody thinks to train employees on the company’s products/services and to give them necessary phone skills. But very few people in customer service actually get the training they need to handle problems in such a way that they immediately restore customer confidence.

But you can give your employees the training they need to make the way an issue is handled never becomes the real issue. Start training your people on how to handle issues in such a way that they delight customers and create moments of magic –and not moments of misery.